The Incredible True Story

Bryce Krafft

Brief History

Who is Logic?

Logic is a half black half white rapper who was born on January 22, 1990. His journey through his music career didn't start until 2009, and his first tape wasn't released until 2010. Logic is a unique individual who devotes most of his life to his craft. Releasing music since 2010 might seem like a long time but he just recently started catching his buzz off his debut album Under Pressure. However; Even today, Logic is not amongst the most known artists.

Previous tapes:

Young, Broke, and Infamous(2010)

Young Sinatra(2011)

Young Sinatra: Undeniable(2012)

Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever(2013)

Debut Album:

Under Pressure(2014)

Sophomore Album:

The Incredible True Story(2015)

How is Logic Heroic?

There are many reasons why I believe Logic is a heroic figure. There are a lot of features that he has that set him apart from most other artists in the industry.

-Has much influence to his fans through his actions and lyrics

-His motto: Peace, Love, and Positivity

-His effort in reaching out to fans and connecting with them or being appreciative of their love

-His motivation/goal

The Incredible True Story


The Album takes place in the future. with the help of a few cut scenes in between tracks Logic was able to portray a story where humanity had to move to space because the earth eventually became uninhabitable due to our destruction. As the tape progresses the crew on this ship are searching for Paradise (while listening to Logics tape). as you go through the tape you're not exactly sure what paradise is or means but at the end it's finally revealed as just another Earth.

What I got out of it:

-Enjoy the time you have and take advantage of every second in life/ every moment is a moment of opportunity

-Be more appreciative and grateful of what I have

-Preserve the Earth!

-Peace, Love, and Positivity

The Incredible True Story