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A volcano can cause horrible disasters.A volcano is a mountain that has a hole in the middle filled with magma and is formed below the earth.There are currently 1500 active volcanoes 80 or more are under water.A volcano eruption is caused by when the earth's plates vibrate and cause friction.Most volcanoes in the U.S are found in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.


poem thing


As hot as a sun

Steams like boiling water.

Magma from the earth's upper crust goes to the surface.

Lava flows and ash deposits.

Lava creeps like a monster.

Plates move,the frictions causes the eruption.

The lava flows down like glue from the bottle.

It gets hot and keeps the humidity to itself.

Today 1500 volcanoes active.

80 or more under water.

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Hawaii volcano

This is a volcano eruption that took place in Hawaii.
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hard lava

This is what lava looks like as it hardens
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this is just some of the things a volcano is capable of.