Welcome to Kindergarten!

China Grove Elementary School

It's time!

Does your child turn 5 before August 31, 2022? If so, it's time to register for kindergarten. We are so excited to welcome the newest Cardinals! Please read all of the information on this site to prepare for and register for Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year.

Meet Mrs. Sechler, CGE Principal

China Grove Elementary Kindergarten Welcome - 2022

Interactive Play

Kindergarten and first grade implement interactive play. Students learn play skills- socializing, sharing, collaborating, and communicating. Two local churches have supported this initiative and purchased the materials, we are so thankful. We've seen some amazing growth in our students through interactive play and students and teachers are excited to continue this initiative.

Please read the articles below for a better understanding of why CGE is incorporating Interactive Play.

Edutopia Article

Read about how play grows learners!

Waterford.org Article

Importance of play for all learners

School Hours, Tardies & Early Dismissals

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School Tour

Kindergarten Welcome


Newsletter- Each month Mrs. Sechler will publish a School Family Newsletter. Here's where you'll find updates, dates to remember, and friendly reminders that will keep you in the loop and help make your students' learning experience the best it can be.

Connect Ed- Please make sure the school has your most up to date phone number in the system so you will receive phone calls with important information regarding CGES students or current events and school happenings.

Class Dojo- please connect with your student's teacher and the school on Class Dojo. We will use this to communicate with families on a daily basis.


All RSS students have access to an Apple device! Currently, Kindergarten students do not take home their device, except for on E-Learning days. Technology is a resource used to access materials and content that outdated text books can't provide. Students can visit places around the world through Google Earth, students can listen to books with RazKids or Epic, students can even create with iPad to work and develop their math and problem solving skills. It's amazing the opportunities that technology can provide our little learners!

All students will pay a $20 usage fee for the iPad. This can be paid in the front office or during orientation.

A+ & Artistic & Creative Explorations [ACE]

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China Grove Elementary is a NC A+ School! We are Arts Integrated, which means that students learn their core subjects through exposure to all art forms. Students might use paint to learn about lines and texture, but also colors and shapes. Students use shapes to create and build appropriately scaled structures and buildings that represent NC History. Students may demonstrate their understanding through improv or skits created and written by students to communicate a concept or theme found in their reading or history lessons. The possibilities are endless and students at CGE thrive because of the Arts!

Students will participate in an ACE class each day. They will get the opportunity to learn through all of the arts as a CGES student! At CGE, we offer...

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Lunch & Snack

Nutrislice Website- Cafe Menu

Students can eat lunch in the cafeteria daily or bring their lunch in a lunch box.

CGES receives a grant for a fresh fruit and veggie snack 3 days a week. We are grateful for this snack! Parents, you may also want to send a snack daily in the case that your student doesn't like the snack we provide.

Good snack ideas that provide energy:

- Granola chewy bars

- GoGurt yogurt tubes

- Fruit

- Peanut butter crackers

- Veggies

- GoldFish

- Peanuts or Almonds

- String cheese


Going to be a Car Rider?

All car riders will get a car tag and be assigned a car number. This tag must be visible in the vehicle when picking up students. If you don't have your car tag, you will have to pull over and wait to be verified as an adult that is allowed to pick students up.

The car rider line opens at 8am and closes at 8:28am for teacher to get to their classrooms by the start of school at 8:30. Students are not to get out of cars until they are helped by an adult, to avoid accidents. Student arriving to school after 3:28 will need to be checked in at the front office.

The car rider line in the afternoon opens at 3:28 and closes at 3:58. Guardians arriving after 3:55 will need to pick up their student in the front office.

Franklin Street is a ONE-WAY street during drop off and pick up hours. Please always turn right out of Carl Wilkerson Loop, morning and afternoons. This limits the amount of traffic on our road and makes it easier for local residents to also use the road during busy hours.

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Bus Rider?

Bus riders are assigned to buses based on their address.

Bus safety is extremely important. Students are to follow these rules:

  • Stay seated, even when the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Sit in assigned seat
  • Keep aisles free of backpacks and body parts
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • Talk and act kindly to others
  • Keep voice level at conversation level
  • Stay silent when crossing railroad tracks

If students cannot follow these rules, they will be placed on a bus contract. If students continue to be unsafe on the bus, students will lose their riding privileges. Bus safety is extremely important, as the driver needs to focus on the road and drive safely to keep students safe during the routes to and from school.

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Can you walk to school?

Students may walk to and from China Grove Elementary School if living within a 3 block radius. This policy is a door to door privilege and parents/guardians may not drive or pick up walkers from a car. Students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Morning drop off procedure:

  • Parent must walk from their home to the school. If you are in a car, you must go through the car rider line.

  • A parent must walk the child all the way to the front doors between 8:05-8:25 am.

  • Please use sidewalks to ensure the safety of you and your child.

Afternoon pick-up procedure:

  • Walkers will be dismissed from the bus parking lot entrance ramp.

  • A parent will walk to the pick up area and give the staff member the student walker/car rider number to be called for dismissal.

  • Student and parent/guardian are asked to use the sidewalks to ensure their safety. Please do not walk through the bus parking lot.

  • In the event of inclement weather and parents/students are unable to walk door to door, all walkers will be car riders. The parent/guardian will need to call the school to have the change made for transportation.

If you're interested in being a CGES Walker, please request the form to apply.


If you'd like to each lunch with your student, you'll need to sign up for a slot on the day of your choice. This doesn't need to be done a specific number of days in advance, but please know that there are only three slots every day for each grade level. See this FORM.
-Proof of Domicile

-Birth Certificate

-Immunization Record

-Health Assessment Form

-Medication Form (if applicable)

-Previous School records (if applicable)