Lewis and Clark Journal

August 23, 1804

Our Worries

Dear Diary,

We have some worries about our expedition, first of all, what if there are people on our land, what if people get killed by plants or animals? If we are going to travel our land, we need to see if plants actually are pousiness or if they help when you are sick.

Day One

We are very happy we were chose by Thomas Jefferson, we are going to travel all this land for him and lead everybody, we will make sure everything and everybody is safe.

Today we have found a fish and have called it the Channel Catfish. We hope to find more animals as we come along the west. We almost got attacked by a bear but our dog seaman saved us. We dont know what we would do without him.

Day 3

Once again we have found another animal, we have actually found two animals today, one is a White Tailed Deer, we called it a white tailed deer because it is a deer with a white tail. Today, we have also found an animal we called, Bison, there was a big herd of these animals.


Today we traveled and found a 17 year old girl named Sacajawea. We invited her to come with us on our journey, she is a great help on our expedition, our dog,Seaman, is getting along really well with sacajawea, im glad they get along.

Day 376

Sorry i havent wrote for a while, ive been testing alot of plants, we have also found alot of other things, we are on our way back and we think the land is safe, the land just had a few indians we had to tell to move away. I hope you enjoyed our journey.