Lauren Allen Redding

Today was a great day, tomorrow lets make a better one!!!

Who am I?

interests- Cross country, designing, gardening

values- God, family, friends

skills- being funny, doing voices

self esteem- caring and bubbly

"Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?"

They would be important, because you want a job that suits you and you would be good at.

Where am I going?

My career as a fashion designer.....

Job description- designing in clothing, bags, foot wear, and accessories!

median salary- $68,000

job outlook- Good

cluster- the art cluster

work schedule-It depends, some fashion workers work nights.

work environment- I work in a studio.

How do I get there?

academy of art university San Francisco is the college I might attend to!

This college is fairly well in arts project, yet I would have a hard time because its far away from home.

An associate or bachelor's degree is the degree to have to be a fashion designer.

For a tuition it is approximately $1000 ( non resident).

You can major in design for a scholarship.