By: Brent Lizotte

Word Section

I had a lot of trouble using word in the beginning because I did not really use it a lot. An example with word and how I did not do very good in it in the beginning is the project called Mayan project because I really did not listen to directions in the whole time we were suppose to be listen to get the information and another things was a really did not get the direction because I really did not want to read all of the information about it. But on the other hand I got all the other ones over all because I really liked the way it was arranged. Because of that I was able to succeed in the other projects we had to do.

Excel Section

This section was very easy because I was very used to using this software before on my own computer. Over all did very good on this section because of the experience I had with It. I did very good on the project called current event on ALS. In this project for me it was very easy to do because I understood what to do in the beginning with how it was worded. This was a very fun section for me because I new what I was doing the whole time. And in the end I ended up getting a descent grade on this project because i liked what it was that I had to do.

New Technologies Unit

This unit was good because I understood everything that was going on, also it was something that I was more interested in general. So I might have tried a lot more than I did on the other sections we ever I saw the information I new what a had to do. With this section it was also a lot easier because I could use any type on software that I wanted so I used a lot of them that I liked personally.

Best of 2015

I did really good on this project with a six in the section. I think the reason that I did really good on this section was because I got to write about something that I wanted to talk about in my life and what has happened. I liked doing that because it had to do with my life and got to interact with what has happened in my life so far this year. I found that very interesting Because it went right back to me and what I have done.

Computer Purchase

In this activity I did very well with a six in the section this assignment was very good because it was over all an easy one because of the way we had to do it. I really enjoyed it because of the creativity we had to put into it. I liked the idea of having a certain amount of money to purchase a PC or lap top because it relates it to real life. In real life you will not always have all the money that you want so you have to have enough money to buy a good reliable PC for a good price. Also you had to chose a certain price which limits you on what type of computer you can buy just like in the real world.

With this project Used a lot of Critical thinking, problem solving,and decision making because I had to make good decision about how to buy the different computers that I wanted to buy.

Lottery Project

On this project I got a five over all I did pretty good because of my creative ways that I put my information inside the project. It was I little confusing at first but when I started getting the handle I started to get really good at putting in the information into the Excel. On this project I used Technology operations and concepts because of that fact that I Understood what was going on and transferred it onto my project. I also used Critical thinking, problem solving,and decision making because of the way I made everything in the project work together and though it out and succeeded.

Paragraph 1

In Computer apps the computer purchase activity in the unit PowerPoint was to create a power point on what type of computer we would by with a certain amount of money which was 700.00$. We had to buy a good reliable computer with some specs that were required in it too. First we had to chose a good organization that we could "buy" from further more we had to get the specs on it. This project used Research and information fluency because of what we had to do to get it done.

Paragraph 2

This assignment/task required me to show my skill with partners so we could get a project done together and succeed in doing so. After using the rubric to evaluate my work, I effectively used communicating with my team in the project because we were able to finish it well and come up with a good idea we were all interested in. The part were it was trying to talk to each other was confusing because we could not just talk to each other because we were across the room that was the aspect of the assignment that was most challenging. When confronted by these challenges again, I will make sure we will communicate better when we are working on project together because if we had that key communication we might have gotten a better grade on the assignment in general.

Paragraph 3

This common task is different than most assignment because we did not have direct contact to talk to each other because we couldn't in this project. But with other assignment we can usually talk to each others faces and it is a lot faster. It challenged me to try harder to talk and communicate better online with task of that sort so I can do better in the future. I will use these skills to do better in future projects so I can excel in my work.


Over all in this course I did okay for just starting to use some of the software's that a have never used in my life so far. This unit of technology is very interesting to me and I really think that some of these software's will help me later in my life because now I know how to use them. I really liked learning the skills in excel because I never really new how to use it until that unit. If I ever need it in real life then I know how to use it, I can use it to make charts and things like that. Over all this class has gave me a lot of valuable resources that I can use in my real life and in the rest of my school career and later in my life where ever it Leeds me.

Tool that I Used

I decided to use Smore because it is very easy to make interesting yet insightful information on on big screen. I find it very easy to use in general and there is many different option that you can use though the site it self. Their is many different customization's that you can use in the site itself with the free version too. With the site it auto saves every time you put something new into the page. So you don't have to worry about saving also you can get into it anytime you want to make changes or post it.

Table of Contents

1. Word

2. Excel

3. New Technologies Unit

4. Best of 2015

5. Computer Purchase

6. Lottery Project

7. Conclusion

8. Software that I Used