Siege of Leningrad

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describe the siege of leningrad

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Journal #1: Hardships or Hunger

According to the City of Thieves, they which included Lev, Vera, and the twins consumed items like pigeons, family pets (page 7), example and page #

describe and explain their hardships and deal with hunger and cite exact page number

City of St. Petersburg also known as Piter

Journal #2 - Emotional & Physical Challenges

Horrors of War

List and describe the emotional and physical challenges behind the story of the sheepdog, Zoya, and playing chess with Abendroth.

Emotional Challenges

Physical Challenges

Journal #3 - Essential Question

Essential Question:

What role does war play in creating and destroying national identities?

Abernoth states: “Don’t bother. You passed Kuefer’s test,

good, I respect that. You are survivors. But I am not a stupid

man. One of you is a Jew posing as a Gentile; one is a girl

posing as a boy; all of of you, I assume, are literates posing as

illiterate. And despite the attentions of our vigilant mountain

rangers and the esteemed Obersturmfuhrer Kuefer, all these

ruses have succeeded.” – Excerpt from City of Thieves, page 221