The ear and how it works

By Elliot Chow 8F

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There are three sections in your ear, the outer, the middle, the inner ear. The outer ear is the one we see, it acts like a funnel to catch sound waves and direct the sound to the eardrum. There are 3 tiny bones called ossicles in the middle section. They are called the hammer, anvil and stirrup because that’s what they look like. When the sound wave passes through, the bones creates a vibration which passes the vibration to the cochlea ( Looks a little bit like a shell). The cochlea has fluid in it, which due to the vibrations and bends hair on the outside of cells lining the cochlea. There are about 17,000 hair cells in each ear. They are very tiny and not like the hair on your head. The inner hair cells create an electrical impulse which is sent to the brain along the auditory nerve.