By- Alyssia Nguyen 3rd Period Science Clark

All About Deneb!

Name- Deneb

Nickname- Alpha Cygni

Home (Constellation)- Cygnus

Light Year's from Earth- 1,500

Mass- 19 Solar Mass

Color- Blue-White

Surface Temperature- 8,525 K

Brightness- 164,000 L

Fun Facts!

I am apart of the Summer Triangle! The Summer Triangle consists of three stars and forms an imaginary triangle in the sky. The Summer Triangle occurs during summer and the other two vertices are Vega and Altair. I am also the 19th brightest star!

My name ,"Deneb", comes from the Arabic word meaning "tail." because I represent the tail of Cygnus.

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As a child Deneb starts out as a Nebula.

A nebula is often referred to as a "little cloud of dust." It is a cloud of dust, but it's also full of helium, hydrogen, and other iodized gases. The Nebula forms when parts of the interstellar medium collapse and the gravitational pull clumps it all together. It's usually large in size, dense, and has hundreds of light years in diameter.


After the Nebula it goes off to be a Protostar. A protostar is a large mass formed by contraction out of gas from a giant molecule cloud in the interstellar medium (matter from space.) It's one of the early stages in the star's formation. It has a cold temperature but is high in mass.

Main Sequence

Then Deneb goes off to be in the Main Sequence.

The main sequence is a band of stars, (mainly Dwarf stars.) 90% of stars are Main Sequence stars, Including our sun. They are positioned by mass and generates thermal energy through nuclear fusion.

Red Super Giant

After the main sequence, Deneb goes of to be a Red Super Giant. Red Super Giants are the largest known stars. Red super giants are full of helium and hydrogen. Which causes their shells to expand. They are VERY large, but their temperature is cool.


After A Red Super Giant, Deneb will become a Supernova. Supernovas are an explosion of a star. It happens when there is a change in the center of the star. There are 2 ways a change can occur. 1) If two stars are orbiting the same point, Binary stars, one star ( Usually, The White Dwarf.) will take matter from the other star. The White Dwarf will take to much matter and will explode

Black Hole

Finally after the Supernova, Deneb will most likely die as a Black Hole. A Black Hole is an amount of matter in a small area. They form from the remains of a supernova. Scientist's do not see black holes, since they do not have any light coming out (thats why their called black holes.), but scientists can sense their presence. They sense their presence by looking for an area of space filled with a large amount of mass.

They are mainly found in the centers of galaxies and in binary stars ( a star in the same system orbiting the same point.)

Deneb's life

As you can see this is Deneb's "timeline." It starts as a Nebula then becomes a Protostar, after becoming a protostar it will be apart of the Main Sequence, then it will be a Red Super Giant, then it will be a Supernova, finally it will most likely die as a Black Hole since it has a high mass.
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