Old Yeller

Fred Gipson Flier By Alyssa Murray

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story plot

The book Old Yeller is about a dog. At Solt Lick Texas in 1959 at Travis's house. There was a dog that keep coming to Travis house and eating all the meet that Travis's mom hung up. He was messing up the corn filed. He was a bad dog.Travis always wanted a dog. Travis's mom said if u tran the dog u can keep him. so one day Travis trend Old Yeller.

He did not know what to name him so his dad picked the name he said you can name him Old Yeller. The next year Travis's dad left to go to work. Travis loved Old Yeller and Old Yeller loved Travis. The next day Travis and Old Yeller went into the woods they saw a hog. They tried to get out and go home but the hogs attact Old Yeller. Travis hid Old Yeller in the woods where no one could find him but him and his mom. Travis went and got his mom and he lead his mom to Old Yeller. He was tore up Travis's mom docterd Old Yeller. Travis and his mom carried Old Yeller home. Old Yeller was felling better in about one month. Travis and Old Yeller was able to play again. A year and two months after that a wolf attacted him. Travis locked him up for a few weeks to see if he had rabies it turns out he did. Travis had to shot Old Yeller. He did not know what he was going to do. He could not stop crying his mom got him a new dog. He said think you but know dog will be as good as Old Yeller. Even you know that the new puppy was Old Yeller's baby boy.



the theme of this story is friendship


my protagonist in this story is Travis