Is there such thing as a copper Cup?


  • Atomic symbol- Cu
  • Atomic number- 29
  • Atomic weight- 63.546
  • Group period- 11
  • Color- copper, metallic
  • Classification- metallic

History of Copper

In 9000BC found in Iraq. The copper from its ores were discovered aound 5000BC and 1000 or years later. They used copper to make pottery in North Africa. About 5000 years ago, when copper mixed with other metals then became soft for many tools. This element has an alchemical symbol.

Uses of Copper

The uses for copper are gathered from a number of sources :

  • wire
  • coinage metal
  • Copper compounds such as Fehling's solution are widely used in analytical chemistry in test for sugar
  • the electrical industry is one of the lagerst users of copper
  • Copper sulphate is used as an agricultural poison and water purifier

what is copper?

Reddish with a bright metallic lustre

Brass and bronze

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Biology of copper

in your body, copper is an essential component of many enzymes. Each of the copper containing enzymes has a distinct function. Copper works together with iron in the formation of hemoglobin and red cells. The human abundance by weight about 1000 ppb by weight for examples 100 pounds = 0.0454

Geology of copper

Sometimes, the copper found many minerals. The most important oxides, sulphides and carbonates parts of copper. The Values abundances of copper are difficult to determines with certainty but all values should be treat with some cautions. Parts per billion: 1 billion=10(9) (scales). both terms of weight and in the terms of number of atoms.


Copper has 29 electrons and the shell structure is The bond energy in the gaseous diatomic species CuCu.

An intersting Facts about copper

The monel and guns metals also contain copper. USA has nicknames "cop" for Copper. Did you know pyramid of cheops is copper? This water pumping construction found by the archeologists in this pyramid is made partly from copper.

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