The Netherlands

By. Maddie McGregor

About The Netherlands

The Dutch live in the Netherlands, their average yearly income is roughly 29 thousand United States dollars a year 2-6 degrees Celsius in the winter and 17-20 Degrees Celsius in the summer.
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Most of their pop culture is from Europe. They have a monarchy for a form of government. The Netherlands played a big role in WWII. They also were around through the n\middle ages in Europe.

Historical Event

Charles V succeeded his father Philip the Handsome as ruler of the Low Countries in 1506. His predecessors had tried to unite the loosely connected territories. Charles V completed this task. In so doing, he laid the foundations for a prosperous, centrally governed state. (rijiksmuseum)
The famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh was from the Netherlands.
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Tourist Attraction

Anne Frank house. Where the Frank family hid from the Nazis during WWII.
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The people in the Netherlands usually eat snert, salted harring, cheese, and rye bread. The would also eat poffertjes, which are like pancakes but smaller and thicker.
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The Dutch influence in The Netherlands is very heavy. The food in the Netherlands is not much different than what we see here in America, but it also has a Scottish and Irish influence.