Culture of Angola

The People

In Angola, the official language is Portuguese. Most of the people in Angola are Christians, and are kind, friendly people. They generally wear Western clothes, and like to look good out of the house. Angola's population is between 11 and 15 million.
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Customs and Coutersies

Angolans greet eachother by shaking hands, or if it is someone of the opposite gender, a kiss to one anothers cheek. Unlike in some places, Angolans usually visit relatives without notifying them. Angolans have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rural people eat with their hands, and urban people use utensils.
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30 years of war caused 90 percent of Angolans to lose a family member. Angolans love soccer, which is the most popular sport in Angola. The people love traditional music. Their music was influenced by Brazil, Cuba, and Cape Verde. Other music they like is rap and jazz.
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