World History Review

Ana C. Martinez

French Revolution

Cause: Third Estate paying taxes.

Spark of French Revolution: Storming of Bastille.

Louis XVI

  • French King (1774-1792)
  • Executed in 1793
  • King of France during the French Revolution.

Reign of Terror

  • 1793 to mid-1794
  • 10-month period of oppression and execution
  • Led by Robespierre
  • Ended with fall of Robespierre


  • English poet and play wright and actor.
  • Wrote 37 plays (1590-1613)
  • Plays: Romeo & Juliet, Othello, Macbeth

John Locke

  • Father of classical liberalism.
  • English philosopher and physician.
  • Against absolute rule by one person.

Napoleon's Blunders

  1. Put his brother in charge of Spain.
  2. French navy could not defeat the British.
  3. Russian army retreats and burns crops, and Napoleon loses many men and supplies.

Congress of Vienna

  • Planned the post Napoleonic world and rebuilt Europe.
  • Created a balance of power in Europe.

Martin Luther

  • German Monk
  • Wrote the 95 theses.

Adam Smith

  • Philosopher
  • Believed that the state should not interfere in economic matters.
  • Wrote Wealth of Nations.

Industrial Revolution

  • Began in Great Britain.
  • Coal was needed to power steam engines.