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get the deatails on the monroe doctrine

We are free from war with the european nations

December 2nd 1823 was the day the Monroe doctrine was issued by the 5th president of the united states James Monroe. This doctrine stated that the European Nations were no longer able to claim land in the new world. If they were to abide this act it would be considered as an act of hostility and the matter would be brought to war. The western hemisphere was no longer open for colonization. The Doctrine stated that the american political system was different from Europe. In return for them staying out of our land we would refrain from participation in European wars.
We have already shown them who was boss the first time they fought with us. Then they came back to try and redeem themselves, but yet again we sent them to the corner of shame. If they try messing with us again who knows what will go down. Hopefully they will keep their wits and stay out of the new world.

Bye Bye Britz, if you come over here, we will crumble you up like ritz!

This Doctrine is doubted among our people, but we have to believe that our president is looking out for us and doing the right thing. The poor south american people are being treated like game pieces for us to fight over. They had hope of freedom. now that the doctrine has removed the Europeans out of the way there is nothing stopping the U.S. from imperialising their home.

Thats right hands away, we are here to stay

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Dont tread on us, or we will run you over with a bus