Cyber Bullying

This modern problem needs to stop now!

How To Avoid Cyber Bullying

By Harrison Leach, and Connor Pirini

How to stop this virus!

We need to stop this now. So Harrison and I thought of questions so we will tell you the questions we came up with to stop cyber bullying. First off we started at this question, What are the short terms effects for victims of cyber bullying?

Well we answered that with a alot of research we found it on the video. This video will show you the answer of this question.

Cyber Bullying Virus

The song

This song tells you about how facebook can affect victims of this topic, This song is quite affective and can stop all these silly things on facebook that people do and shes very intelligent to use her mouth and guitar to tell a story. And this question relates to this video, How do you protect yourself from becoming a cyber bully?

facebook song.wmv


1.What are the short term effects for victim cyber bullying?

2.What are the long term effects for victim cyber bullying?

3.How do you protect yourself from becoming a cyber bully victim?

4.What effects the cyber victim when cyber bullying hits them?

Big Question

How does being a victim of cyber bullying affect your life and how can you stop this from happening?

Answers for the smaller questions

1.Cyber bullying short term effects are for example: depression and cutting. They are all caused over the internet or phones and that causes cyber bullying to go more further instead of just normal bullying.

2.Long term effects of cyber bullying can cause suicide or even depression and that can make people start taking pills and enhancing them and if they keep taking pills they will come to a end, therefore their parents will get depressed about losing their child to cyber bullying and it just starts catching people and makes nearly the whole family to catch depression.

3.How to protect yourself. First step don't add anyone you do not know on the internet, and be careful about the people you add because some times they can place statuses and tag you.If you don't like it you cant do anything about it so be careful about what you do on the internet.

4.The cyber victim gets upset, depressed and starts cutting.Then it might go bigger and turn into suicide, when it hits you, you need to make a stop to it, it doesn't matter if you snitch half of the time because you might be saving someone's life so the first thing to do is tell your parents or friends.

Big Question Answer

You need really to tell someone I am just getting it out there. To stop this you need to tell someone like your parents,friends and even teacher. To stop cyber bullying make sure you be careful about what you do on the internet because people that do idiotic stuff like flash in front of the camera causes cyber bullying. But if your in the middle of cyber bullying the key thing to do is tell someone.


Jealousy starts cyber bullying and that is the main type of cyber bullying. Jealousy starts by a silly little for example: Your friends better at football than you and then it starts turning into you hating your friend. People will always hate someone but it isn't acceptable when people hate someone then express their hate on-line because it goes everywhere and everyone can see your hatred.


Cutting is caused by depression and is very severe. Because of cyber bullying/bullying, cutting can kill people, when you get to 10 cuts you lose a lot of blood. At Raroa we don't want people to cut because its a health issue and when people find out they start talking about and the person who is cutting feels worse. Cutting is caused very easy so we need to help people who cut because they need to stop to be safe.


Depression can keep people from being social. People can be depressed everyday it is very severe and it can cause cutting but cutting can cause depression as well depression can cause cutting. Cutting needs to be solved so it can stop. A lot of people start cutting over comments and words that have been sent to them. Some people cut because of what they have done. Because they can not fix it they think their life is over. But you do need to tell someone about your cutting/depression.

Suicide caused by cyber bullying

Every year 4,400 people die because of cyber bullying and it is a murder. Cyber bullying is a crime and should be against the law. but cyber bulling is not a human so it is very difficult to fix. Cyber bullying needs to be stopped because all these teenagers die from cyber bullying and soon we might be because of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can hurt people or kill people so we need to stop this. If it keeps going until someone stands up and then everyone will stand up for others.

By Connor and Harrison