Dial A Ghost

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Dial a ghost written by Eva Lbbotson

The main characters of Dial A ghost are Adopta, Oliver Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wilknson, Trixie, Grandma, Eric, the Shriekers, Fulton, and Frieda. The initial incident is when a bomb from WWII and a bomb fell on there house killing them all. The main conflict is Oliver's cousins try to kill Oliver. The Wilknson's go to a store called Dial A Ghost so that they can get a home for them since there home was blown up. There home gets mixed up with the Shriekers and they go to Helton Hall that recently Oliver Smith moved to from the orphanage. Oliver's cousins hired the Shriekers to scare Oliver to death. As Fulton and Frieda try to kill Oliver and rule Helton Hall, the WIlkonsons are becoming even more friendly with Oliver. Will the Wilkonsons save Oliver from his cousins?

By the wonderful author ... Eva Lbbotson

This Amazing book by this great author has also written by other great books.

Eva has also written Which Witch, The Secret of Platform 13, Monster Mission, and The Star of Kazan.

Stuff about the book

Genre: fiction

Copyright date: 1996

Awards: sadly this book has not received any awards but it does deserve some.

Quote from Book: "Do I look headless?" This was probably one of the funnier part of the book since they lost their daughter when they blew up.