Civil Rights

There Should Be Equal Rights----By Trinity and Saladin

Segragation limits

All citizens should have equal rights. Homer Plessy challenged the Jim Crow laws by sitting in a railroad car reserved for white people. John Marshal Harlan argued that the supreme courts decision was wrong. He belieived it would soon become as hated as the courts decision in the Dred Scott case. Everyone should have EQUAL rights.

Even though some thought blacks and whites should be separate we are all one community

Jim Crow Laws

Jim crow laws segregated blacks and whites. Jim crow treated blacks unfairly. The law segragated public spaces even hospitals and cemeteries. Black students could not go to school with white students. Civil Rights, or when all people are treated equally was a huge problem, especially if you were black. The African Americans had to fight for their civil rights.

Women's Rights

The Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote. A woman who wanted the right to vote was called a suffrage. Three women who were apart of this group were Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony And Carrie Catt.

Womens rights continued...

It took over 100 years for women's right to happen.Thanks to the 19th amendment men and woman are equal. In 1917,Jennette Rankin became the first women elected to the us congress.