Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!!

By: Isabel Daniel

Hey, adults!

Is you life boring and dull? Are you withering away from old age? If that's you, may be you need to add something extra to your life!!!


This all new prefix will take you beyond your wildest dreams with its out-of-this-world look. This prefix adds a little kick to your day and takes you past ordinary, and makes it extraordinary! Extra is like a distant galaxy waiting to be discovered by you!

Users have said:

"My favorite prefix is definitely extra!!! It's like Buzz Light Year because you go to infinity and beyond!!"- Elizabeth Lin

"Why would anyone not want this prefix? It perks me up and gets me going!" - Ian March

"My kids and I love this prefix, and now we have improved lives!"- Wendy Watts

All you have to do is hang it on your wall, and it instantly transforms to match the rest of the rooms!


You might be asking yourself, well if this prefix has improved lives, how did it happen? Well, that's what I'm here for! Once you hang the word on your wall, it creates a positive aura to help you think outside of the box. It shifts your attitude, and there is a 95% chance you will act on your sensational ideas, provided by this new positivity! Your life will, guaranteed, become extravagant!!


If you still aren't convinced and you're wondering how extra can do all of this, take a look at this back story from extra!

"It started years ago when I was on my way to my normal job in my normal life. I was still just a big jumble of letters back then. Anyways, I was going to go to work, helping with other words, when suddenly I was surrounded by darkness. I felt paralyzed. I'm pretty sure I really was. I was debilitated. I laid in darkness for 24 hours until I was able to open my eyes and see where I was. I was inside a laboratory. I had seen one many times before in my english school, showing us what it would be like when our words were chosen for us. I got very excited, for I had been waiting for this all of my life. Whatever word I was, would determine my destiny. I was taken down and dipped into a mysterious substance, shimmering, that made me feel special. Once I was done, glittering dust was sprinkled on me, and I was loaded into a rocket ship. The time whizzed by, along with the world, as I blasted up to the moon, and then even farther out of the milky way. I was trained then. I needed to become outside, and beyond, so I did as if I were preparing for a role in a movie. Finally, I would know. Once back at home, my word was revealed to me. Extra. It was special, and I will never forget that moment. It was as magical as the liquid and dust that was applied to me, making me able to do things beyond the normal. Making be able to become extra."

Buy extra now!

Don't you want the best for yourself? Then that will certainly not happen until you become extra. Having a boring day at work? This is the best way to become a productive and reliable worker to help you get promoted, and have fun! Stressed and tired? Proven to help you make smart medical decisions, and all decisions in general to avoid these problems entirely? Lazy or bored children? They'll also be influenced to be good people, and with your new promotion you can afford to spend time together and vacation!

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