How to Inspire Someone

Don't We All Need Inspiration?

Why do we need inspiration?

People get bullied. People get ignored when they attempt to share something. People just don't feel confident sometimes. And trust me, I can relate. Well, I don't get bullied exactly, I just get annoyed. And not like little brother sings a stupid song annoyed. Like people tag around you calling your name and pretending they like you. That's annoying. One time I cried. I'm sorry. I had enough. So...this both how to cheer and fix someone who is getting bullied and just general inspiration liking freaking out for a test because trust me I do that a lot.

How to Inspire?

There are many ways to inspire someone. I don't mean giving them a teddy bear, I mean doing something kind for them. I had a friend and I got a 76% on my science test and the next one she purposely got around the same score to cheer me up. That was nice of her, but don't do that. Instead, you could smile at everyone and tell them how to study. You could also give them a quick preview over the test.
If the person is getting bullied, stand up. Don't be a dope! Help them, point out the bully's faults if you have to. Just support the victim and make sure they know someone out there cares for them and also thinks the bully is stupid.
There are other cases too where you need inspiration. If you're at lunch and this girl named Sally Seashell is blabbing on about how mean her algebra teacher is and this other girl named Mildred McDonald wants to have a say too but Sally Seashell won't stop talking and letting Mildred McDonald talk and she feels left out and hurt, ask Mildred McDonald what she wanted to say and block out Sally Seashell! After Mildred McDonald has finished, then let Sally Seashell blab. That way, Mildred McDonald will feel better! Now, I'm not saying you only do this to Mildred McDonald, do it to anyone in this case!

Stand Up!

Now, I know this was a short letter, but dear reader, if someone is ever feeling down, don't be a dope! Just help them. Be a good person! I'm sure you already are but you can be kind and nice and everything so just stand up for everyone who doesn't have the strength to.