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Week of January 19th

Grobe's Corner

This was such a wonderful week! I am very impressed by my students as we tackled analyzing and making inferences with poetry. Poetry can be so abstract that it is sometimes hard to get 9 and 10 year olds to fully comprehend the meaning behind a poem, but I must say my kids did a beautiful job connecting their background knowledge with text evidence to make wonderful inferences and comprehension connections!

Next week, we will continue our poetry study by diving into how certain structural elements can affect the interpretation and meaning of a poem. In reading, we will also begin our next literature circle round!

We will also focus on revising and editing their own expository papers in writing class. It is important for them to have wonderful ideas to write about, but it is just as important to be able to find their mistakes and correct them and to find areas to improve!

I am looking forward to another fantastic week of learning!


Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math we continued working through multi-step word problems using various operations and strategies. The students have worked really hard this week staying focused and working through tough word problems. Next week we will begin reviewing adding and subtracting decimals before we move onto a fractions review and then Geometry and Measurement.

In Science the kids presented their Energy Research Projects. They did a fabulous job teaching the class about light, sound, mechanical, thermal, electrical energy. We finished the week reviewing for the District Assessment that will be on January 23rd. Next week we will continue reviewing before the DA on Friday.

Please have your child complete the following problems and submit to me for a reward!

Sunday: 12 X 58 =

Monday: 346 / 5 =

Tuesday: 23 X 35 =

Wednesday: 468 / 7 =

Thursday: 45 X 22 =

Have a great weekend!

Brooke Morris

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Reading MAP Achievement

On Tuesday, my kiddos took their reading MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessment. This test is taken 3 times a year and it allows me to see their progress as we venture through this school year. Back in September was their first round and after they took their test I discussed their score with each student and we set an end of year goal score for them to work towards. I believe setting goals, writing them down, and then coming up with a plan to achieve it is highly motivating for children. So after taking the test for the second time this year, on Tuesday, I am very pleased with everyones results. Several students grew from their first test, so many children are half way to their end of year goal, but a select few grew immensely and already achieved their end of year goal now. That is truly remarkable!

I am over the moon happy with everyone's results! Every single one of my kids should be pleased with their progress and scores but I wanted to give a special shout out to the students who achieved a full year's growth in just half a year's time!

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