Bahamas Facts

Its Capitol is Nassua

Its population is 377,374

Its GDP is 2.15 Billion

Its primary Language is English

Its unemployment rate is 13.6

Its most populated city is Nassua

Its area is 13,880 Square Kilometers

Its an Archipelago

The Bahamas dont have an army

Its main export is cotton


It will take 3 hours to get to The Bahamas

I will go airplane

It will cost 494 US dollars


I would live in a cozy house in Nassua at 375 dollars a day for 3 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms

How much would it cost

My trip would cost 494 to get there

Lodging would cost 375 per night

It would probally cost 500 dollars for food

Gas would probally be 200 dollars


I will swim in the beach enjoy the scenery walk in the jungle and go visit the zoo there