Peter the Great

By Dajon

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Absolutism: Government controlled by a king or queen who has unrestricted power and rules with divine right (right to rule comes from god) ruler inherited the throne.

Ruler of Russia

Peter the Great ruled the tsardom of Russia
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Peter The Great

Peter the great was born from an royal family his father was Alexis of Russia and his mother was Natalya naryshkin. He grew up learning how to be an Russian orthodox Christian. At a young age his education was put in the hands of multiple tutors. When peter's half brother Ivan the fifth was next to take the throne he was found Ill in the mind so that made ten year old Peter next in line to be the ruler of Russia. Peter went on to lead Russia in the chimes and Swedish Finland. He created Russia's mighty fleet and founded st. Petersburg.

Peter The Great Negatives

But it wasn't always good things to be said about Peter the great he also had a cruel side. Peter used to regularly beat his son Alexis and even threatened to kill him. All this cruelty forced Alexis to run away. Angered by the betrayal of his son he sent out an manhunt. In rage of all the things that he been hearing around he gathered all the potential plotters and tortured them. Eventually he had his son brought to the prison and tortured. Right before he had his son killed. Peter the Great was a strict ruler he demanded that every teacher carry a whip and beat any student that is disobedient. Peter the Great forced 100,000 slaves to build his city when it was done most were dead because of the poor conditions that they had to work in. He made beards illegal because of the boyars who was a old Russian dynasty family beards was what made them recognizable.

Peter The Great interesting Facts

  • In 1695 he fought as a regular foot soldier
  • Peter was believed to be six feet, seven inches in height
  • He married twice
  • He had 11 children (most died in infancy)