Assessment Teams

Creating math question at a time!

Why Assessment Writing Teams?

* Collaborative energy and wisdom!

* Unity among campuses!

* Renewed focus on process standards!

* Deeper comprehension of standards!

* Tighter alignment of instruction and assessment!

* Ownership!

2nd and 3rd Grade Assessment Writing

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 3:15-4:15pm

Administration Building- Board Room

How Will This Work?

*We will break into groups, and each group will work on writing quality questions for specific TEKS.

*Process Standards will be included in each question we create.

*A bank of questions will be formed, from which the STAAR Simulation and Summative CBA (2nd grade) will be created.

Who is Invited?

The more the merrier! We would love to have input from as many MISD math teachers as possible! Together we can accomplish more!