World Languages Update

January 8, 2016

Save the Date(s)-Summer Curriculum Work

Monday, June 13 through Thursday June 16 is when we will do our Level 2 French and Level 2 Spanish curriculum revision, just like what happened with Level 1 last June. If you are interested, please keep those dates open.

At this point, I would be seeking 1 teacher of the language from each high school who teaches Level 2 and 2 MS teachers who teach the language to ensure we have a variety on the team.

Let me know if you have questions.

Leading with Data: Classroom Visits & High Leverage Practices

After a quick November, I was able to get in to quite a few classrooms in December prior to the winter break. Keeping in mind we are looking for feedback and conferring and whether students have a specific, communicative I CAN that they can articulate, the data shows where we're at district-wide in terms of these high-leverage practices.

3:1 Challenge

Feedback is one of our high-leverage practices, and reflecting on practice is an important part of our jobs. Here is a recent blog post that shares something you can do to help place students at the center, combining reflection and giving feedback: