Kathy Mackel

About the book

Savvy (Savanna) is thirteen years old, six foot two and she can swish her three pointers like no other. All she wants she wants to is play basketball. Even though she’s new in town she tries out for an elite basketball team and makes it. Now she is playing against bigger and stronger people. Plus her sister made the varsity cheer squad as a freshman. But this summer she gained too much weight to be thy flyer like she always is. Somehow they have to find a way to "boost" their game. So when Savvy's coach finds pills in her bag everything gets even worse not only is her sister dating a guy she really likes and her grandma is the hospital; but now when she says that the pills aren't hers even her mom does not believe her. Somehow her sister is losing all this weight and no one knows how. Savvy decides to research the symptoms of the pills and one of the main ones are loss of weight rapidly. Then it hits her! She confronted Callie about it and she cracked. Savvy can’t believe her own sister would do this to her. But eventually everything was back to normal and Savvy could go back to being LeBron James without the steroids of course.

About the author

Kathy Mackel has written tons of books about sports. She played everything when she was young and has also coached softball and basketball. She is very famous for her book Boost and with 1,000 sold copies. She also has her own website and she is currently living in Massachusetts.
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