By: Sarah Lee

"The Turtle and the Fish"

Once there was a turtle. He was swimming in a small pond and relaxing under the sun. Suddenly, a school of fish swam up to him. They instantly became friends.

A few days later, the turtle was stuck in some mud at the bottom of the pond. When the fish saw this, they swam over to him and asked if he needed help. The turtle told them that he was stuck and to go get help. But the fish refused and said that they could do it themselves. The turtle doubted they were strong enough to pull him out because they were so small. But, he let them try.

After some pulling and pushing, they pulled the turtle out of the mud. They all celebrated that the turtle was safe. Then the turtle apologized for doubting the fish. The fish forgave him and they were all friends again.
Theme: Don't judge something by it's size.