Lois Land

The best land is Lois's Land

Capitalism Economy

In Lois Land we have free enterprise (Capitalism)

In Lois Land we want the best for our people living here so we provide many opportunities in the many jobs. You will have complete control over your businesses and all the profits will go to you and the government will only take a small part to pay for the mandatory taxes. In Lois land we want only the best people in the country and the hardest workers. Our economic system provide all the opportunities to be more successful and earn more money if you work hard.

Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33


Although many other countries might think this type of economical system is not the best and prefer a communistic economy we can guarantee that this is the most rewarding and best type of system. It might not be the most fair but it is the most rewarding. In a communist economy you can not progress like you cant earn more money nor be more successful than other people. In capitalistic economies the more and harder you work the more you get rewarded and earn more money and also be more succesful


So if your a hard working person and want to earn more money and be more successful, come to Lois Land. We promise you will love it or you can just leave any time