Concetta Chiarini

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Concetta Chiarini

Concetta Chiarini is considered to be one of the most skilled vascular surgeons in all of Brazil. Concetta Chiarini’s private practice is highly regarded and patients travel from around the country to see her. Concetta Chiarini has been nominated for a number of medical awards for her work as a vascular surgeon. In particular, Concetta Chiarini is known for her work treating potentially deadly aneurysms with surgeries involving the vascular region near the spine, as well as for treating migraines.

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Concetta Chiarini: Educated and Experienced Surgeon

Concetta Chiarini studied surgery at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She earned her medical degree from the university in 1987, and has been an esteemed member of the Brazil Medical Association since 1993.

Concetta Chiarini excelled at both the Universidade de Brasília and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She achieved high academic marks at both schools and developed an interest in surgery very early in in her academic career.

It is Concetta Chiarini’s hope to one day serve on the board of the Brazil Medical Association. As a member for over two decades, Chiarini has developed a high amount of respect from her peers and colleagues, and she would greatly enjoy the opportunity to be a part of the association’s leadership.

Concetta Chiarini is also currently a member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons, which provides her opportunities to connect with others in her profession and to establish a long-lasting peer network that helps keep her apprised of any latest advances in vascular surgery. The Brazilian College of Surgeons has been a valuable and ample resource of information and surgical technique for Concetta Chiarini. Her exposure to new surgical techniques and treatments through the college have given her the opportunity to better serve her patients with more effective medical care. The Brazilian College of Surgeons provides continuing education courses that have been an indispensable part of what she does.

Concetta Chiarini likes to travel the globe in her free time. She has been to multiple continents, including North America, Australia and Asia.

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Concetta Chiarini Remains Highly-Devoted to Medicine

Concetta Chiarini is a vascular surgery devotee. Her contributions to vascular surgery are only outweighed by her unwavering commitment to continue her career as a surgeon.

Brazil has a wealth of talented and up-and-coming surgeons, but none are near as skilled as Concetta Chiarini. Chiarini owns and operates a vascular surgery practice in Rio de Janeiro and continues to be recognized by her colleagues for her sharp surgical prowess. Concetta Chiarini is a member of the Brazil Medical Association and has been since shortly after her graduation from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1987. Chiarini enjoys being a valued and highly-respected member of the Brazilian Medical Community.

Nothing is as thrilling or as exhilarating to Concetta Chiarini as vascular surgery. Her life revolves around the delivery of high-level surgery because she loves her career and is devoted to her patients. Vascular surgery is second-nature to Concetta Chiarini, who plans on remaining highly-devoted to her craft for a very long time.

Many have noted Concetta Chiarini for her contributions to modern vascular surgery. The Brazil Medical Association, which is perhaps the most-respected medical organization in Brazil, will soon honor Chiarini for her 20 years of commitment to medicine.

Concetta Chiarini has a well-established individual vascular surgery practice in Brazil. As a surgeon Chiarini performs complicated and demanding vascular surgeries every day. Concetta Chiarini provides high-quality surgeries that improve her patients’ quality of life. Each surgery requires a high level of skill to ensure a quick and safe recovery.

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Concetta Chiarini Is American Born

Though Concetta Chiarini has experienced the fruits of career success in Brazil, she is originally from the United States. Her parents immigrated to Brazil early in her childhood, allowing Concetta to develop a deep love and admiration for Rio de Janeiro, the place she now considers home.

A successful vascular surgeon, Concetta Chiarini has established herself as an indispensable part of the Rio de Janeiro community. Her contributions as a professional surgeon have been felt throughout her community and her profession. Concetta Chiarini has proven to be one of the top medical professionals in all of Brazil.

Concetta is a 1987 graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Concetta Chiarini remains single and without any children, two things she credits as paramount to her professional success. Chiarini’s lifestyle, she says, has allowed her the freedom to explore her medical pursuits with more zeal. The lack of familial interference in Concetta Chiarini’s life has helped to open many doors for her professional career.

Concetta is devoted to a children-free lifestyle. Many Brazilian women are hindered by family life because it impacts the time and energy they can spend pursuing their careers. Concetta Chiarini has chosen live her life without these professional blocks because of her strong devotion to medicine and to her professional life in general.

Concetta Chiarini is part of a local movement to live a single and childfree lifestyle. Though she is happy for those with children, her choice has been to make her career as a surgeon the main focal point of her life.

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Concetta Chiarini a Well-Respected Vascular Surgeon

Concetta Chiarini continues to be well-respected and highly-regarded for her vascular surgery. She has earned much praise by the Brazilian medical community.

Her career in medicine continues to blossom as she is swiftly becoming one of the best-known, most-qualified and talented vascular surgeons in the entire country of Brazil. Concetta Chiarini owns and operates an individual surgical practice in Rio de Janeiro. Her practice continues to experience a large amount of success.

Concetta Chiarini is particularly known for her approach to potentially deadly aneurysms occurring near the spine, and for her established treatment methods regarding severe migraine headaches. An individual surgical practitioner, Concetta Chiarini practices expert vascular surgeries on patients from around the world.

As she approaches 20 years of membership in the Brazil Medical Association, Concetta Chiarini continues to enjoy much success by continuing to provide the people of Brazil with great vascular surgery. She lends a level of expertise to her patients, and her field, that would difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Concetta Chiarini’s surgical prowess has been touted by her colleagues and promises to be the foundation on which she will achieve years of future success.

She owes much of her success, both as a surgeon and in her personal life, to her ideals. Concetta Chiarini retains the same individuality she cultivated as a child. An only child, Concetta was allowed the freedom to pursue her interests from a very early age. Concetta Chiarini also maintains a child-free life in order to completely devote herself to her profession.

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Concetta Chiarini’s Top 5 American Destinations

Because her parents are American, Concetta Chiarini has been traveling to the United States regularly since she was very young. With all of that travel, Concetta Chiarini has visited most of the big name landmarks across the country. She has compiled a list of favorites that she believes everyone should see.

  1. The Grand Canyon: Concetta Chiarini considers the Grand Canyon to be the most important and beautiful landmark in the United States. Watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon is a majestic experience, says Concetta Chiarini, and one that everyone should experience at least once in their life.
  2. The Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is truly a site to be seen, according to Concetta Chiarini. Walking or biking across the bridge is a great way to experience the San Francisco skyline, while a ground view of the bridge itself, particularly on a sunny day, is an aesthetic treat.
  3. The National Mall: More than any particular monument on the Mall, Concetta Chiarini considers the grand expanse of the National Mall to truly be the sight to see in Washington D.C. According to Concetta Chiarini, looking across the Mall gives the impression of the grandness of the American democratic project.
  4. Niagara Falls: Concetta Chiarini first visited Niagara Falls as a small girl with her parents, but the Falls still haven’t lost their charm. Concetta Chiarini recommends a boat ride under the falls for the full experience.
  5. Ellis Island: Because her parents are immigrants to Brazil, Concetta Chiarini has always been interested in immigration. For this reason, Concetta Chiarini has always been in awe of Ellis Island the stories that come to life there.
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Concetta Chiarini on Popular Online Dating Sites

As a vascular surgeon, Concetta Chiarini doesn’t get out much for dates, and when she does she prefers that they aren’t with the doctors and technicians she spends her days with. Instead, Concetta Chiarini turns to some of the more popular online dating sites to meet a different assortment of individuals. Some sites certainly provide better matches than others, notes Concetta Chiarini, and some are much easier to use than others, but all of these sites leave some surprise and excitement in the dating pool.

One popular dating site that Concetta Chiarini uses is requires you to pay to find your matches, says Concetta Chiarini, but for this reason it also commonly yields higher quality matches. When Concetta Chiarini is looking for a good match and a high level of connection she turns to the algorithms on

OKCupid is one of the other very popular dating sites that Concetta Chiarini uses to find dates. OKCupid is free and very intuitive to use, but Concetta Chiarini notes that it is primarily popular with younger people, which can make it hard for an established professional like Concetta Chiarini to find a good match.

In some regions the dating site is the go-to dating site, says Concetta Chiarini. This site can be confusing to use, but like OKCupid it is free. Concetta Chiarini typically avoids PlentyOfFish because she finds it difficult to use in comparison to other dating sites, and she feels that the matches it provides are typically of the lowest quality.
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The Difference of Being an Only Child According to Concetta Chiarini

Concetta Chiarini grew up as the only child to two American parents living in Brazil. As a teen and young adult, Concetta Chiarini heard a lot of speculating about birth order and the effect of being born first or third or being an only child. For Concetta Chiarini, the characteristics ascribed to only children are a perfect match; she is a leader, highly articulate, independent, and a high achiever.

Leadership is one characteristic that Concetta Chiarini has in spades, and which works in conjunction with her drive to be a high achiever. During her time as a medical resident, she rose to the top of her surgical class and ultimately to the top of her field. Today Concetta Chiarini is the force behind a bustling vascular surgery practice that is highly regarded all across Brazil.

Concetta Chiarini is also a very independent individual because she did not have playmates as a child. Only children tend to develop their own elaborate worlds that do not require other children to be fun and engaging. To this day, Concetta Chiarini would rather be alone, and she has even traveled to many destinations across the world by herself, including to India, China, and Australia.

Being highly articulate is a characteristic that is particularly notable in only children when they are young. As a small child, Concetta Chiarini spoke in full sentences earlier than most children and rapidly developed a highly advanced vocabulary that impressed and surprised her teachers. Today, that skill continues to help Concetta Chiarini to communicate with patients and other doctors, making her concise and clear and preventing confusion about medical concerns.

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Many people think that birth order makes a big difference in personality. If so, Concetta Chiarini is a model of the only child. Born to two American parents in Brazil, Concetta Chiarini spent most of her time around adults, making her a highly articulate person with the tendency to lead. Because she is an only child, Concetta Chiarini is also very independent and enjoys solitary activities such as reading and trail running, and even traveling on her own.