Ancient Egypt

We´ll travel back to Ancient Egypt


The geography of Egypt relates to two regions: North Africa and Southwest Asia. Egypt has coastlines on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The country borders Libya to the west, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east, and Sudan to the south.


In Ancient Egypt the head of the government was the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh owned everything , by that I even the things that you bought with your own money!Every Pharaoh had an army, a police force, a lot of ministers and government officials to help rule the government. The most important helper was the Vizier. The Vizier received reports from every top official every day, and the Vizier told the Pharaoh what was happening in Egypt!
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People first started to began to settle in Ancient Egypt around 5,000 BCE. Ancient Egyptian History is divided into 3 parts. Old Kingdom(2575 BCE 2120 BCE), Middle Kindom(1938 BCE 1630 BCE), And New Kingdom(1540 BCE 1075 BCE). King Menes is well-known , he is well-known for being the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt. He built his capital in Memphis,Egypt. Queen Hatsheptsut is also well-known, she is well-known for being the 1st female ruler in history! She was also considered to be one of Egypt's most successful Pharaoh. Ramses was also considered to be one of Egypt's most famous Pharaohs , because he led the Egyptian army to victory when Hittitites group tried to take control of Egypt. Fun Fact: The Pyramid Of Giza was constructed around 2570 BCE!

Ancient Egyptian Economy

Trading in Ancient Egypt started in the 4th century BCE.Egyptians traded grains,linens,papyrus sheets,gold, and other minerals.They traded their goods for things like copper,animal skins,ivory,silver,iron,spices,rare stones, and wild animals. Egyptians didn't have money like we have they had a money/barter system. The cost of things were measured by a deben. A deben was a piece of copper that weighed about 90 grams. Coins were used in Ancient Egypt until the middle of the millennium. Egyptians also traded with other countries.

Writing System

The Writing System in Ancient Egypt was called Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were picture symbols that stood for a meaning or sound. Scribes used Hieroglyphics a lot ! Scribes were people that kept track of important things by using written records. Scribes used Hieroglyphics to write the important things
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