By: Leah Kirby and Sophia Welch

How Are Avalanches Formed?

Avalanches are formed in many different ways all around the world. One way Avalanches form is because of loose snow falling off of mountainsides. Another way is when heavy snow and strong winds come together they can make snow fall fast off of mountainsides and that creates Avalanches. Also they can be formed by heavy rain when it is cold outside .Finally Avalanches can be formed by ice storms because if a heavy piece of ice falls on top of a pile of snow it will cause the snow to fall down a mountainside very fast. So next time your on a tall mountain be careful and walk softly or you might just cause an Avalanche.

Where Are Avalanches Formed?

Avalanches are formed on mountains in colder climates . So if you live in a warm place and there is a mountain then you probably will not see an Avalanche. If you live in a cold place like North America, Europe, or near the Arctic you have to be aware of Avalanches. Avalanches mostly occur in the Alp Mountains near North America and Europe . So next time you are in the Alp Mountains beware of signs like this. ------->

How To Stay Safe In Avalanches?

You can stay safe from Avalanches in many different ways. One way is always travel with another person just in case you got stuck in an Avalanche they can help you out or seek help. Another way is carry a small shovel just in case there was ever an Avalanche and you got stuck you could dig yourself out. The next way is swim hard through the snow to try to get out. Also try to grab a tree if there is one near you to pull yourself up out of the snow. Finally always have a breathing hole for yourself because you could die if you cant breathe. So if you are ever stuck in an Avalanche try to remember these VERY IMPORTANT tips.