Olivia Arndt

What kind of land forms does Argentina have?

The Andes Mountains run all the way down the the western border of the country. The lowland in the north is mostly farmland and forest. The middle part of Argentina is a grassy plain called a pampas.

Describe an important event in Argentina's history.

Juan Diaz de Solvis was the first European to reach Argentina. Spain ruled Argentina for over three- hundred years. From 1976 -1983 a group of cruel military leaders ran the government. Finally on July 9, 1816 Argentina gained there independence.

What is Argentina's most valuable natural resource?

Farmland is Argentina's most valuable natural resource. Argentina also produces beef, corn, wheat.

What is Argentina's major economic activity?

Argentina's economy has been based on agriculture. However in recent years it has been based off of livestock. Cattle, sheep, and grains have long been the bulwark of it's wealth.