End The War, Save Our Soldiers

we cannot send our soldiers to europe!!!!

As Americans, we cannot afford to send our soldiers to Europe. It would be utterly inhumane, as we can predict the destiny of our men. The conditions in Europe and the weapons being used are absurd. Poisonous gas, trench rats, shell shock; what kind of "American" supports this kind of torture.

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Dulce Et Decorum Est

American Journalist Taylor Radke says: "Tim Cross' poem Dulce Et Decorum Est shows us all how awful the world at war has become. This poem displays vivid imagery of the struggle of the men at War. One part of the poem explains how one man dies because he couldn't fix his gas mask quick enough. If you ask me, this kind of poisonous gas should not be used in the first place! It shows the fatigue of those who are out risking their lives for this ridiculous war. We should not be so eager to go to Europe and fight this war. We should all take a chance to read this poem and see whats really at risk. Thousands have already died, and there will be more. If we send our soldiers to Europe, they will not make it out alive. And if they do, they will never be the same way again. This is a war of attrition, and will not end until we are all left dead."

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A letter from a British soldier to his wife Mary


It is likely that i will never see you again. The war is awful, and only getting worse. At least 15 of my men die every single day. Things aren't looking good, and i want you to know that if i could choose here or there, i would choose there. I want this war to end because we are all tired of it. Its like there is no point to this war, just to see which side will completely die out first. This war is unlike anything I've ever heard of. You wouldn't believe some of the ways that these men are dying. We are living in trenches filled with rats. We are walking on the bodies of the men that fought next to us just yesterday. Even some of my friends are going crazy from the madness. I am hoping to see you soon. If not soon, than someday.

Sincerely, John"


Germans have lost 850,000 men

French have lost 700,000 men

British have lost 400,000 men

a million casualties in Russia

Countless innocent civilians