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Collaborate with the Best!

Would you like to collaborate with other teachers in the Northern Region who have a GROWTH MINDSET? Join us for Norther Region Teacher Professional Development. It's optional, it's beneficial, and it's recorded for your convenience. Check out the recordings and upcoming events listed below.

Certificates will be sent out weekly upon completion of exit tickets. Surveys will close approximately one week after each event is held. If a certificate is urgent and necessary, please feel free to message Summer Shelton.

Planning a Lesson in the Online World

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "Where do I even begin"? Well, have no fear. Let's collaborate on planning the best lessons that are worthy of every minute of the students' time and attention.

The Thread of Standards & Objectives

My Instructional Coach said I need to work on my Standards, Objectives, and I Can Statements. Why? What is she talking about? HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

Owning Retention and Family Satisfaction

Families move to France. I get it. Not every family moves to France, though. Let's work on keeping the students and families by owning our retention rate.

Student Growth in Sessions of 50+ Students

Hooray! Everyone came to class! Now, how do I teach to 182 students!!!???

Rx for Small Groups

Small doesn't mean better. Give your students a Rx for what they need.


Academic feedback is a gift. Sometimes it feels like a year old fruitcake from your Great Aunt Martha, but it's still a gift. Let's collaborate on growing and using all of the gifts we receive.

Checks for Understanding Aren't Muddy Windshields

What if I told you CFUs were actually helpful to YOU? Believe or not, they can make your job easier! I promise. Come to this session to find out how.

Exit Tickets in the Loop

Are your exit tickets giving you everything you need to move on or reteach? Let's work together to create meaningful snapshots of student learning.

Summer Shelton, RIS

Summer Shelton is the Instructional Specialist for the Northern Region. She loves technology, teaching, and really great lattes. She is here to support the teachers and coaches of the NR by promoting best practices in online instruction.