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At its peak, the British Empire covered 25% of the world's land and included 25% of its people. This map shows the Empire slightly prior to that, in 1850. The Royal Navy was responsible for policing this territory, since none of it was accessible by land for the British. Notable territories controlled by Britain included Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, India, and Hong Kong.

Britain's Oldest Military Service (est. 1660)

A permanent navy was first created under the rule of Henry VIII in the 1500s, but the "Royal Navy" in the form that we know it today was created under the Restoration monarchy of Charles II in 1660.

History of the Royal Navy

The link below provides a thorough summary of the history of the British Navy. Yes, it is a Wikipedia link, but for basic overviews it is excellent.

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Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson

One of Britain's most celebrated naval commanders, and mastermind of the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson was one of Napoleon's fiercest foes, and died a hero's death at Trafalgar (a decisive British victory).

Video: The Battle of Trafalgar in 90 Seconds

The video below is a helpful, short summary of the Battle of Trafalgar. The battle was fought in 1805 between the forces of Britain (led by Lord Nelson) and Napoleon's French Navy. Nelson's skillful maneuvering proved essential to the British forces.
Battle of Trafalgar in 90 Seconds

The White Ensign

The flag of the Royal Navy, called the White Ensign, is flown from naval vessels and locations. It is formed with the English flag (the red St. George's Cross on a white field) and the Union Flag in the upper left corner.

Video: History of the Union Jack

The video below is mostly for fun, since it isn't strictly about the Royal Navy, but it does provide a great history of the flag of the United Kingdom.
History of the Union Jack

The Royal Navy Today

Click on the link below to visit the website of the Royal Navy and see how it operates today; the types of vessels, different organizations/branches, etc.

The Royal Navy on YouTube

The modern Royal Navy actually has a YouTube channel. If you follow the link below you can see the videos they've posted, including videos of operations, memorial videos, remembrances, etc.

Rule, Britannia

The song linked below is called "Rule, Britannia," written in 1740. It a patriotic anthem in Britain. It is not the official song of the Royal Navy, but the two are strongly connected.