Articles of Confederation

Strengths and Weaknesses By Kiristan Waters

Background information about the Articles of Confederation...

The Articles of Confederation was written by the Second Continental Congress and served as the first government for the United States

Strengths of the Articles of Confederation...

>The States had a unified army

>There was a legislature and each state had one vote

>An army was built and controlled

>Foreign country were dealt with on the States behalf

Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation...

>The national government didn't have the power to enforce laws, so states could and did ignore them

>The national government could not tax

>Nine out of the thirteen states had to approve a law before it could be passed

>All 13 of the states were needed to amend a law

>There was no executive of judicial branch

>States began to suffer economically when each states started taxing one another thus hurting trade

I feel that the reason the delegates of the Second Continental Congress did not design their government with a strong central government is because they did not want their new country to end up like England with an all powerful ruling king. They wanted equality among the states so that no one person or state could become more powerful than the others.