The New Invention: Printing Press

By, Ryan Niles

The printing press

Johann Gutenberg creates the printing press, what it does is when paper goes in, a block slaps down the letters and it comes out. Since the creation of the printing press it has created a new way for more news papers to be made to spread the word, also 50 bibles have been created. Gutenberg says " this might be the most important invention in history"

Printing jobs

More job offers

More job offers of the printing press have exploded. There are thousands of new job offers for people just working with the printer. They are over 1,000 job offers a crossed the U.S. For printing and news.

Job offers

Anyone interested in working with a printer or have an idea for the news paper come here
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Johann Gutenberg created the printing press

Created in 1440

"Might be the most important invention

Created a big start for the news paper

First year created 50 bibles were created

People still use the printing press

Printing press allowed many new jobs

People who wrote books were very excited of the printing press

People also wanting to write something in the news paper would all line up to put something in the news paper