Captain John Smith

By Jesse Stine


Caption John Smith

Caption John Smith a brave soldier. He was all ways ready for adventure. Wane he was young John Smith was a English solder. Caption John Smith helped establish the first permanent English sett lent in North Amerca called James town. He was later captured by the Powhatan Indians. Stay tuned to hear about captain John Smith adventurous life story.

Life as a soldier

John smith was a English soldier. Smith left home at age 16 after his father died. John had a life of adventure before he came to James Town he had been a soldier for a lot of kings in Europe. In the Early 1609 Smith was injured when his gunpowder accidentally blew up. So that what Smith did as a soldier.

Founding of James town

Before John Smith took charge of James Town the colonists were dying of disease and starvation. Captain John Smith decided to make one rule when he first became leader The rule was whoever does not work and not eat. The settlers learned to work and get along with and trad with the Indians.


John smith and Pocahontas first met when he was captured by the patuxet Indians. On a hunting and exploration in December 1607 Smith was captured by several Indian warriors and taken to a local chief named opechucanougn one of powhatuns brothers. After being taken to several villages Smith was finally taken to chief Powhatan. Powhatan asked Smith may the Ehglish were there and what they were looking for. The Indians gave Smith after and then paid his head one two rocks as if they were going to beat out his brains Pocahontas came up to him from death. That whatn happined wene captin John Smith capherd he was lucky to be saved by pocantas.


This story haze info on what Smith did to the world. Smith was a English soldier he was always ready for an adventure. John Smith was leader of Jamestown he said to the people don't work don't eat. Finely John Smith was captured by Pohatan Indians. That's how Captain John Smith changed things.


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