A Look Ahead

Classical Conversations at New Hope

A Note from your Director . . .

Week 12 is here! And then yes, we break from CC until January 12th. This allows you time to focus on the holiday season. However don't forget, we will see each other again Dec. 15th at 10:30 for our Christmas Party at New Hope. Jill Colf sent out a wonderful email with details about the party.

Week 12 Notes:

* Bring tin whistle and book - practice at home! We will be doing a concert at 11:45 so let's help our students be prepared.

* Bring back egg jars, clean and sans egg (stinky!)

* Check your CC mailboxes please

* Need Wrapping paper scraps now for Christmas card activity at party on Dec. 15th

* Please bring new or gently used coats to donate to those in need

* Christmas Party Dec. 15th at 10:30

*Aileen Vincent is bringing cake to celebrate Angelina's birthday this Tuesday so please come prepared if you children aren't able to have any.

* Need a test administrator

* Please let me know if your child is interested in Memory Masters.

* Please let me know if you would like to visit a Challenge class or Essentials.

Make-up Pictures Week 12 (this includes class photos for Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Patton's classes b/c the tutors were out Week 8)

Just for fun:

In 1789 George Washington declared Thursday, Nov. 26th as a day for all Americans to set aside "that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him [God] our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country ..." As you prepare and celebrate Thanksgiving enjoy your crafts and pie but don't forget this Holiday too is about God so let's start the season off right by giving thanks to Him.

Blessings, Jennifer