Eagle Eye E-News, August 4-7, 2014

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

What is Eagle Eye E-News?

Eagle Eye E-News will be the faculty and staff update each week. I usually send this out each Friday by sending a link through email. This is a place where the weeks events that are on my calendar will be quickly summarized. This will also be a place where timely educational quotes, announcements and shout outs to other faculty and staff members can be found. If you have a shout out or a picture that you would like included in the e-news letter please email it to rkelsey@rhmail.org. It is expected that faculty and staff read the e-news weekly to ensure they are aware of school events, activities and announcements.


Rhonda in Columbia for Training
Brian in Utah for Immersion training with Ebinport Staff

Rhonda in Columbia for Training
Brian in Utah for Immersion training with Ebinport Staff

Today, Rhonda will meet with Kelly Sebastian, Brian Vaughan, Dan Ralyea, and Karen Price
3:00 Cool off with a good book at Ebinport
Individual Teacher Discussions Begin today! (See below for more information)
Brian in Utah for Immersion training with Ebinport Staff

Today, I will meet our bus drivers!
Also, I have a meeting with Kevin Wren to discuss safety requirements and regulations at Ebinport.
1:00 Ebinport's Principal Data Meeting with Dr. Pew, Dr. J, Dan Ralyea, and Karen Price.
Individual Teacher Meetings Continue
Brian in Utah for Immersion training with Ebinport Staff

Canvas Challenge

All certified staff should have received an email regarding the Canvas Challenge. Canvas is the new learning management system being used in RHSD3. This is new for all of us! Please be patient with yourselves and each other as we learn this new program. Dr. Pew has modeled the use of this program at leadership week and expects us to use this. I will be using this some during our time together your first week back and have asked Chris Odom to join us during this time to help me and to aid us all in the new endeavor. If you have not received the Canvas Challenge please contact Chris Odom.

Individual Teacher Discussions

I have set up times in Canvas' calendar for you to sign up for individual faculty/staff discussions. You should have received an invitation for the Ebinport Faculty 2014-2015 Course in Canvas. Once you have accepted this course you should be able to click calendar at the top of the screen and will then see Individual Faculty Discussions. I asked Chris Odom to create a screen cast to aid teachers in using this new tool. Please copy and paste this link in to a new tab in your web browser to see how to sign up for an appointment. http://goo.gl/y4DfM3 Please do not let this be a source of stress. There are plenty of appointments available when we all return. We can help each other through all of this, I promise!

During this conference we will talk about your background, what you see as your strengths, areas in which you would like to grow this year, what you do in your free time to take care of yourself, what you expect of me.

Who is my child's teacher?

Welcome packets including information about who each child's teacher will be and information regarding open house and meet the teacher will not be mailed out until Monday of next week given that both Brian and I are out of town and Kim Brown is on vacation. I will be sending an all call giving parents information about open house and meet the teacher night at some point this week.

Immersion Orientation, Open House/Meet the Teacher

Language Immersion orientation will be on Monday, August 18 from 5:30-7:00. K will being at 5:30, 2nd grade at 6:00 and 1st grade at 6:30.

Open House and Meet the Teacher will be on August 19 from 6:00-7:30. This is not what the majority of the staff voted for, and therefore not normally how I do business. However, in this process I learned that one of the immersion orientations had already been set and children don't come to those meetings, so combining this with Open House and Meet the Teacher didn't seem possible. I realize that this is a long night before the first day of school. Next year we will look at this well in advance and hopefully have more time to prepare. On August 19 please work 8 hours as flexibly as you like as long as you are in your rooms from 6:00-7:30 to meet families and students. This may mean that you come in at 11:30 and work straight though, it may mean that you come in at 7:30 and work until 11:30 and then come back at 3:30. However this works for you and your family. You are all professionals and I hope that having some flexibility with this time will give you the time you need to prepare outside of school for the big first day! Dress for Open House/Meet the Teacher is professional attire.

Back to School for Faculty and Staff

Brian and I are excited to have teachers in the building beginning August 13, 2014. Dress for staff is considered spirit wear or dress down, faculty and staff may wear clothing that includes a tee-shirt, collared shirt, sweatshirt, and nice jeans or capris or crop pants. We will begin with pastries, muffins, coffee, etc. together for a very informal gathering at 7:45 on August 13. Following this, the leadership team will meet. The full faculty will meet from 8:00 until approx. 11:00 on August 14. Please feel free to bring your breakfast with you! The district rally will be at South Pointe High School on Friday, August 15 at 10:00. More detailed information to come in next week's e-news.

Our New Staff

If you are new to Ebinport this year, and yes this includes me, please be prepared to "introduce" yourself to the faculty on Thursday, August 14, 2014 during the faculty meeting. This should be no longer than 5 minutes and can be in any format you choose. I have had people write songs and sing, power points, flip charts, show pictures, or just talk about themselves. Be as creative as you like, we just want to learn more about our newest Eagles! orientation for our newest Eagles. He will be sending more information out about this at

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. There is still much for me to learn. I can't say thank you enough to those who have already been so patient with me as I navigate these unfamiliar waters! -Rhonda