schools around the world by JAMES

schools around the world

schools around the world

some facts

In japan kids serve lunch and rearange their desks to make a cafeteria.

School lunches around the world are different in the united kingdom you eat sheapherd´s pie and veggies and pears and yogurt and in japan you eat rice and mackerel and pickled spinach. In pakistan there is one teacher in a small crowded room.

Some kids climb mountains to get to school.

some more facts

In the USA most schools are public. In mexico a school holiday is on September 16 that

is independence day in mexico. In Australia Summer break is in the Winter. In China

after middle school normally there are 35 kids in each class. In Greenland school starts in

kindergarten and ends in 12th grade.

some more more facts

In Greenland school starts in Kindergarten and ends in 12th grade.In Kenya school

starts in January and ends in November.In Russia the teacher announces your grades and

your exam determines 90 to 100 % of your grade.

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ways kids get to school

In Peru many kids take a boat to get to school on time.In the Philippines a lot of kids ride on a cart that is pulled by a bike.In Bolivia a wagon and horse pull some kids to school.

What schools look like in Kenya

What does your school look like? Many countries around the world do not have enough money to build schools. In Kenya school takes place outside. Children sit under trees to learn.

What kids wear to school in Thailand

In Thailand girls wear blue skirts and boys wear blue shorts or pants.

how long school is in india

In India students go to school six days a week. They would have schools off on Sundays.

School in australia

Did you know many children in Australia live very far away from schools? They used to listen to teachers on the radio. Now they take classes on the computer.

some facts

Did you know that children in Finland get 75 minutes of recess each day?

Children in Uganda make up games to play at recess time