Jimmy Carter

Maggie Hohfeler


Election of 1976
  • Democrat nomination- Jimmy Carter
  • Republican nomination- Gerald Ford
  • Carter won
  • Promised to never lie to the American public
  • He was untainted by the corruption of Washington
  • Got 97% of black votes

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Championed for black rights in Rhodesia and South Africa
  • Camp David Accords- Peace accords signed between President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel. Mediated by Carter after relations were strained between Egypt and Israel. Success- Israel agreed to move out of the land it had taken as long as Egypt respected Israel’s territories
  • Pledged to return Panama Canal to Panama by 2000
  • Established trade with China after nearly 30 years of no trade in 1979
  • SALT II Agreements- In 1979 Carter signed SALT II with Brezhnev, but the US Senate refused to ratify it because of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan

Economic and energy issues

Economic issues:
  • Inflation was at nearly 13%
  • Carter blamed our dependence on foreign oil for the inflation
  • Called for legislation that would improve energy conservation
  • Did so without public support

Energy Crisis

  • Egypt and Syria attacked Israel
  • USSR backed Egypt and US supported Israel
  • Arab nations put up an embargo on oil following our support of Israel in order to try to get us in a pro-Arab stance
  • A national speed limit of 55 mph was established
  • Oil pipeline in Alaska was approved in 1974 despite environmentalists’ cries
  • Other forms of energy were researched

Iranian Hostage Situtation

  • Uprising forced Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlevi to flee Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini established an Islamic Republic based off of the Koran
  • President Carter allowed Shah to come to the US for medical treatment
  • Iran demanded the return of the Shah
  • Iranian militants broke into the US Embassy in Tehran and kept the staff hostage for 444 days
  • Buried all hopes of ratifying SALT II Treaty
  • Carter first tried economic sanctions and world public to force their release, but it didn't work
  • Tried a commando rescue mission, but it had to be aborted
  • Finally, on Reagan's inauguration day, they were released