Technology class

Max Strehlow day 2 hour 1

I Movie

  • One thing that you do is make a video with back round music
  • You can also do is add in sound effects to enhance your video
  • Another thing that you can do is publish your videos to you tube

I Trailer

  • You can make trailers with cut scenes all ready in
  • The app already has places to put in you pictures an videos
  • You can upload you video to you tube

haiku deck

  • You make slides
  • You have pictures in the app its self that you don't have to site the the web site
  • You can change the text style

expaline every thing

  • you can draw and type
  • You can insert pictures
  • when you are presenting their is a pointer tool

go animate

  • You make little animations
  • You can change the back round
  • You can use preset voices