Whistler Canada

Geography Task

Where and What is The Whistler?

The Whistler is a mini, vibrant and colourful area,located in North Vancouver (City in Canada), Canada. The area is filled up with two mountains and a vibrant town.The Whistler is surrounded by a staggering amount, of snow that has been recently used for alpine skiing and mountain riding. The Whistler is a very colourful and a eye-popping place because the lights The Whistler portrays, pops up during the evening. We both believe The Whistler, has to be listed on the Worlds Best Modern Landmark because this town to us is very unique in its colour and relaxing, as the snow would brush past people who comes across this place. Another reason why Herman and I believe this landmark must belong to the Worlds Heritage Site is because The Whistler is something different and something unique that other landmarks don't possess in terms of form and texture that is within and around The Whistler.

What environment or temperature does The Whistler usually possess?

The environment and temperature that The Whistler possesses is mainly clod and frosty, due to the fact of many mountains and snow surrounding this landmark. But the environment The Whister portrays is a healthy and clean one. The maximum temperature ever recorded on The Whistler is 27 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature ever recorded is -8 degrees Celsius. With this environment and temperature, The Whistler has got to be listed up in the Worlds Heritage Site.

Unique features in Whistler

The two mountains are the two most famous mountains out there. It is known for all seasons destination. It is all season destination.

Faunas that exist on The Whistler

There are a range of Faunas that exist in The Whistler, that includes bears, cougars, deers and birds. But the Fauna Herman and I chose to focus on is the bear. During Winter, the bears come down to the villages, to get food for their habitation and breeding season to develop their new, born cubs. The village contains bear-proof bins so they can't get the food scraps left by people's rubbish. Bears only come down to the villages, only if they sense food. So that's why you can't really see a bear nowadays.

Bibliography for this sub-heading: http://www.whistler.com/about-whistler/nature/

Floras that exist on The whistler

There are also a variety of floras that live in The Whistler that includes trees, plants and lichens. Herman and I chose cedar tree because it looks superior. Hikers usually overlook cedar trees. Cedar trees usually grow around 30 to 40 metres high. It is also known as "The Cedrus".

Why should it be in the Heritage Site?

It must be in the Heritage Site because of the exceptional good environment and the honourable look of the environment. This is one all of the places that is good for all seasons. If you look at the mountains at a good place, it will be spectacular to see the formidable mountains.