Bluebonnet Books!

Voting (1/28-2/7) Battle of the Bluebonnets (2/13)

Read 5 and decide! Read 5 of these books then come to the library to vote for your favorite one.

Aguirre, Jorge. 2012. Giants Beware! Illustrated by Rafael Rosado. New York: First Second. Paperback: 978‐1‐59643‐582‐7.

Applegate, Katherine. 2012. The One and Only Ivan. Illustrated by Patricia Castelao. New York: Harper. Trade: 978‐0‐06‐ 199225‐4, Library Binding: 978‐0‐06‐1992261.

Burg, Shana. 2012. Laugh with the Moon. New York: Random House. Trade: 978‐0‐385‐73471‐4, Library Binding: 978‐0‐385‐ 90469‐8, E‐book: 978‐0‐375‐98568‐3.

Chin, Jason. 2011. Coral Reefs. New York: Roaring Brook Press. Trade: 978‐1‐59643‐563‐6.

Clifton, Lutricia. 2012. Freaky Fast Frankie Joe. New York: Holiday House. Trade: 978‐0‐82342367‐5.

Fern, Tracey. 2012. Barnum’s Bones. Illustrated by Boris Kulikov. New York: Margaret Ferguson Books / Farrar Straus Giroux. Trade: 978‐0‐374‐30516‐1.

Grandits, John. 2011. 10 Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want to Survive the School Bus. Illustrated by Michael Allen Austin. Boston: Clarion Books. Trade: 978‐0‐618‐78822‐4.

Harris, R.P. 2012. Tua and the Elephant. Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Trade: 978‐0‐8118‐7781‐7.

Kalman, Maira. 2012. Looking at Lincoln. New York: Nancy Paulsen Books. Trade: 978‐0‐399‐24039‐3.

Lorenzi, Natalie Dias. 2012. Flying the Dragon. Watertown MA: Charlesbridge. Reinforced Library Binding: 978‐1‐58089‐434‐0, Ebook: 978‐1‐60734‐449‐0.

MacLachlan, Patricia. 2011. Waiting for the Magic. Illustrated by Amy June Bates. New York: Atheneum Books. Trade: 978‐1‐ 4169‐2745‐7, Ebook: 978‐1‐4424‐3125‐6.

Mlynowski, Sarah. 2012. Whatever After: Fairest of All. New York: Scholastic. Trade: 978‐0‐545‐40330‐6.

Neri, G. 2011. Ghetto Cowboy. Illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson. Summerville, MA: Candlewick. Trade: 978‐0‐7636‐4922‐7, Ebook: 978‐0‐7636‐5449‐8, Audiobook: Brilliance, unabridged 978‐1‐4558‐2150‐1 (CD), 978‐1‐4558‐2152‐5 (MP3‐CD), 978‐1‐4558‐4470‐8, (Pre‐loaded Digital Player ‐ Playaway).

Palacio, R.J. 2012. Wonder. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Trade: 978‐0‐375‐86902‐0, Library: 978‐0‐375‐96902‐7, Ebook: 978‐0‐ 375‐89988‐1, Audiobook Brilliance, unabridged: 978‐1‐4558‐4420‐3 (CD), 978‐1‐4558‐4422‐7 (MP3 CD), 978‐1‐4558‐7065‐3 (Playaway).

Potter, Ellen. 2012. The Humming Room. New York: Feiwel and Friends. Trade: 978‐0‐312‐64438‐3.

Scattergood, Augusta. 2012. Glory Be. New York: Scholastic. Hardcover: 978‐0‐545‐33180‐7.

Shannon, David. 2012. Jangles: a BIG Fish Story. New York: The Blue Sky Press. Hardcover: 978‐0‐545‐14312‐7.

Sherry, Maureen. 2010. Walls Within Walls. Illustrated by Adam Stower. New York: Katherine Tegen. Trade: 978‐06‐176700‐5.

Sweet, Melissa. 2011. Balloons Over Broadway: the True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Trade: 978‐0‐547‐19945‐0.

Varon, Sara. 2011. Bake Sale. New York: First Second. Hardcover: 978‐1‐59643‐740‐1, Paperback: 978‐1‐59643‐419‐6.