By: Elyse McKeown

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

Biotechnology is used in DNA testing when you take fingerprints. When you get fingerprints you can see your DNA and thats how we use the biotechnology.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry in making medicines like penicillin and insulin?

It is used in Enzyme Engineering by making synthetic materials and medicines, also its is in the part of the catalysis.

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

It is used when you need to manipulate or copy other organisms genetic material, most of the time you use different kinds so you can hve different traits that you would like in that specfic organism.

What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

The role of DNA is a genetic material and it is what controls the cell function, biotechnology is the technology that is used to shape DNA.

How is biotechnology used in environmental clean-up (bioremediation)?

Bioremediation is needed in biotechnology because it needs new organisms to use and biotechnology helps with that. Also biotechnology needs clean-up and reusing other organisms and bioremediation does so.

What are the potential negative impacts of biotechnology?

The disadvantages of biotechnology is that they can severely unknown levels of direct interference with natural organisms. Another one is that biotechnology is a potential threat to biodiversity. Then there are human beliefs that it can hurt them too.

North Carolina's National Rankings

The state of North Carolina's national rankings in biotechnology, In '05 over 1,400 biotechnology centers existed in the United States. North Carolina having 6% of biotechnology centers (which in this case, 81), ranked one of 5 largest biotechnology centers.
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North Carolina BioNetwork Centers

This map shows how many centers there are and where they are located in North Carolina.

Food Science

Food Science is a very important job that deals with, biotechnology, engineering, microbiology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences. The scientists create and help the food improve, the analyze the sugars, fats, etc. in food so you are sure to have safe food. Some even help improve the way food is made and processed, also they will find ways to package, preserve, and process food. Other food scientists deal with the government, like regulations for the food, safety, sanitized, etc. In the end you can realize that there is a lot to examining foods and how the scientists can keep the food safe and clean for our health.









Food Science