The Cougar Connection

A Corporation Wide Newsletter

*From Mr. Gaff's Desk*

As we ride the rollercoaster of Indiana Spring weather, please continue to stay positive. There are many great things going on at CN. Take time to celebrate successes. One of the participants in the marketing meeting mentioned that we (CN) do not do well at recognizing or celebrating the extra efforts that people are putting forth to make Central Noble a great place to be. Please take time to thank and encourage those around you.

I am by no means the type of person that likes to give out participation trophies, however; I am aware that a small thank you or a pat on the back can go along way. As a district, we (all staff included) need to make it a conscious effort to recognize positive progress. Has a student shown improvements in behavior, attendance, or academics? Has someone volunteered his or her time so you would not have to? Has someone planned an event to provide extra opportunities for students? Has a staff member gone above and beyond to make CN a better place? Great things are being done by students, teachers, support staff, technology staff, administrators, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance staff, coaches, board members, cafeteria staff, and many others every day. The people closest to us are often the easiest to overlook. Please step back and take the time to look around you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Marketing Committee Meeting on Tuesday. The committee met for about an hour and came up with a variety of free, low- cost, and high-cost options. Look for some positive changes in the near future. If you were unable to attend, but would like to participate in future meetings or have some great marketing ideas, please contact Jamie H.(Ext 1000). Research shows that word of mouth is the single most effective means to convince a person to make a “life-changing” decision. This can work in both directions. As we leave the buildings and become involved in the community, positive and/or negative comments from staff can heavily influence community perceptions. Please continue to share the great things that are happening at Central Noble with those you see in the community. Negative perceptions are difficult to overcome. If you have issues or concerns that need to be addressed, please take time to discuss them with your supervising administrator or schedule a time for me sit down with you. Please use social media to publicize the great things going on in the district, not as a means to establish doubt in the community.

Thank you for making Central Noble a place where people want to be.


*Special Recognition*

Continuing with Mr. Gaff's words, everyone appreciates a little recognition. We will be putting extra effort towards recognizing student and staff accomplishments, whether it be in academics, athletics or community involvement, stating that "We are #cnproud of you!"

Anytime you come across an article in the newspaper (beyond the Kendallville News-Sun or Albion New Era) or even a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter, please share it with Jamie at Central Office, so that we can recognize it. If you have a special achievement within your class, such as they all reach a certain reading level, share it with us! Anything good that is happening in the district should be recognized.

This also applies to recognizing our peers. If you feel a staff member has gone above and beyond, went out of their way to help you out, stepped in without you asking, and deserves a kudos, shoot us an email with the details, and if you'd like to stay anonymous, that's fine! Let's flood each other with positivity!

And lastly, if you are at an event (sports or other club), or even on a field trip be sure to snap pictures and send them to Jamie! We want to capture moments to share on our website, Facebook and Twitter as well as in other marketing ventures we are starting up. Our goal is to highlight every bit of excellence CN has to offer, constantly trend #cnproud and emphasize that truly, We Are 1.

Congrats to Mr. Moe-Outstanding Wrestling Official of the Year!

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*Board Meetings on Location*

The February board meeting at Wolf Lake Elementary was a success! We saw an impressive crowd and enjoyed special presentations and homemade goodies (thanks ladies!!).

Don't forget that the March and April board meetings will be held "on location" as well and we'd love to see you there!

Mar. 21 @Jr/Sr High

April 18 @Albion Elem.

*Obsolete Devices*

At the February meeting, the Board approved that a selection of Corporation iPad 2, Mini Mac's and Apple TV's be declared obsolete. Rather than returning these items to Apple directly for buy-back, we will be offering these to employees at those same rates.

Please be watching your email at the end of next week for a message from Technology on exactly what is available, what the prices are and how the process will work.

*Boys Basketball moves on in a Sectional nail biter-Good Luck!*

*Big Brothers Big Sisters*

Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for mentors! They offer multiple buddy programs and are specifically looking for lunch buddies within our corporation. If you're interested in being a lunch buddy, or any of their other volunteer programs (including fundraising events such as Bowl for Kids Sake on March 4), please contact:

Ashley Robertson

Community Development Coordinator


*Elementary E-Learning*

At the February Board meeting, Jeff Harper and Robby Morgan gave an update on the progress for E-learning at the elementary level. It's apparent that the students are ready and it's time to move forward, which is an exciting accomplishment on behalf of the students and teachers!

A recommendation was made to and approved by the Board that allows those students to make up the closures on January 10th and February 9th, as E-learning days after normal schools hours rather than coming to campus 2 days after the Jr/Sr High students are done. The first of these make-up days began March 2nd. You all deserve a big high-five for making this happen!

*Upcoming Events*

*Friday, March 3: Boys Sectional Basketball @Westview, 730pm

*Tuesday, March 7: 5th Grade "Meet & Greet" Crazy Pinz Field Trip

*Saturday, March 4: Show Choir Competition @East Noble HS

*Saturday, March 11: Show Choir Competition @Norwell HS

*Thursday, March 16: FW Children's Zoo Field Trip

*Friday, March 17: 8th Grade Komet Hockey Incentive Trip

*Tuesday, March 21: School Board Meeting @ Jr/Sr High

*Tuesday, April 18: School Board Meeting @Albion Elementary

*New Logo Design Competition*

A small, but impactful part of our marketing effort is to revamp our branding within the school and community. We have chosen to start this project by holding a new logo design competition, open to ALL of our students. Please encourage your students to participate to leave their mark on CN! Entry forms with guidelines on the designs are available at the school offices. All entries are due by Friday, March 10th and the winners of both categories will be chosen on March 14th by the Committee.

*Check out the Town of Albion Promotional Video*