world vision


what dose world vision do?

More than a billion people around the world live in poverty and struggle every day simply to survive. World Vision works with these poor communities at the grassroots level powering them with the right , skills and resources to work their way out of poverty.

World Vision brings globally proven approaches together with each community's own strengths to address their specific challenges. Our work includes long term development programs, emergency relief projects, education , etc.

The aim of many of the projects is to help communities become self-reliant through a range of initiatives such as health improvements, education and skills training, , access to finance, small business workshops and leadership development

where is world vision operates?

With respect and understanding, World Vision works with indigenous economy in Australia to achieve positive change.

World Vision partners with Indigenous communities in the design and implementation of successful projects that tackle the causes of disadvantage and transform the lives of children and communities. World Vision's strategic contribution is not as a provider of funds or services. It is technical assistance provided in long-term projects delivered through effective partnering(australia).


who are world vision?

World Vision is committed to the poor because we are Christian. We work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve transformation. We do this through relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, education about poverty, and emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values