What's new at OLPH

Week of November 28th to December 2nd

Prayer of the Week

Lord our God, dear Father in heaven, we thank you that we may be your children, led by you. We thank you for guiding us in times of grief and never forsaking us. Now, as of old, you are with us, Lord our God, and you show us the way in every situation. Protect us in this present time, and grant us strength to go on patiently even when our lives hold much suffering and distress. We thank you for your guidance and rejoice in your help for our time. Reveal your hand in power, for soon, very soon, your right hand will change everything. Amen.
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Events of the week

Monday: Regular day

Tuesday: Regular day

Wednesday: M. Morin, Mme Gagnon and Mme Lafrance away at a youth faith conference until next Monday. Welcome to M. Don Marceau who will be acting principal on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you to M. St.Jean who will be our Admin Designate on Friday.

Thursday: Regular day

Friday: Brother Joe is visiting our students to talk about the meaning of Advent.

Colder Weather

As the days are getting colder and colder, please remind your children to dress warm and to wear boots so they can enjoy fun and games in the snow!

Thank you!

Wonderful News from Linking Generations


As I reflect on all that has been accomplished to date for our Intergenerational Programs, it is exciting to know that Linking Generations continues to grow and thrive.

This program year 2016/2017, we have 114 youth and 64 seniors currently involved in our five programs. In September, Information Sessions were held at our partnership schools and at the seniors care centers to recruit student and seniors who want to be part of our program. This year there was such tremendous interest from the student body, in that a total of 202 student applications were received for the 114 student volunteer positions. Junior High students from Ecole Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) submitted over 60 student applications for the 20 volunteer positions! It is amazing to think these young people are so interested in being linked to an elderly person, someone they have never met before. These numbers are a real testament to our success and reflect the demand for Intergenerational programs such as ours.

January 2017 will be an exciting time for all of us at Linking Generations as we are so proud to offer an additional Junior High program to our community. Our ‘sixth’ program partnership has been created with an additional group of students from OLPH Junior High and seniors from Summerwood Village Residence. Linking Generations will select students from the existing applications on hand, and we will advise the school of the successful student/senior team matches. The number of students to be chosen is dependent on the number of seniors who do apply. We are very hopeful that 10 seniors apply, so that we may offer our program to an additional 20 OLPH students.

Ecole Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) will now have two partnership programs matching their students with seniors from CloverBar Lodge and Summerwood Village Residences. We are once again creating new senior/student connections in our community

Linking Generations was honored to have been nominated for the 2016 Ministers Seniors Service Award, receiving recognition for the outstanding commitment our program offers to improve the quality of life of Alberta Seniors; in particular Strathcona County. We are also very proud to have been nominated this year for the prestiagous Laurel Award, recognizing note worthy charitable organizations for their commitment to volunteerism.


Debbie Sinclair

Executive Director

Linking Generations