Playa Del Carmen

The best city along the Carribean


Playa Del Carmen is a city in the state Quintana Roo in Mexico. They are on the Carribean Sea. Playa Del Carmen is located in the South East part of Mexico. The absolute location is 20.6275*N and 87.0811*W. There zip code is 77710. It is North West of an Island called Cozemel
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In Playa Del Carmen the language they speak Spanish. They are located on the Caribbean Sea. They have many many resorts for turorists located on the sandy beaches. Many families farm or have road side shops or markets, and they work at resorts as well.


Push factors

(Why You Want To Leave)

  1. Monsumas Revenge- the water is contaminated and it can be dangerous to drink
  2. Depending on the weather it is very hot and humid
  3. The only jobs avalible are at resorts
  4. They speak a different language and so it can be hard to comunicate with the people of Mexico
  5. It is at a slight risk of a tsunami

Pull Factors

(Why You want to stay)

  1. The weather is almost always warm
  2. If you are despret for a job than there are lots of opptions for working at a resort
  3. It is the perfect place for turorism
  4. Ecoturoism is used (Turorism that does not harm the envirement)


People in Playa Del Carmen are mostly Hispanic. The population is about 149,923. It is located on the eastern part of the Yucaton Penninsula. The land is completely flat and is made of Limestone. The land is covered in mangrove forrests. The only bodies of water in the land are cenotes, cenotes are holes in the ground that give water. Playa Del Carmen is the bright green.

Human/ Envirement Interactions

People change the land in Playa Del Carmen by putting up lots and lots of resorts and hotels. They have also encuraged ecoturorism (Having turorism is nature, but preserving it as well). The land encourages people to wear less clothing and have open houses with less insalation.